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Due to COVID and over-stressed mailing systems, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

This poncho was woven with hand-dyed fabric by the people of the community in Chinchero, Peru. The designs in the weavings are unique to their community.


Mantente abrigado con este poncho de alpaca. Los colores de esta pieza son naturales y está adornado con diseños geométricos tradicionales de nuestra región en Perú. Se puede utilizar para ceremonias místicas. 


Measurements: L, 1.52CM.  A, 1.20CM.


Due to COVID and over-stressed mailing systems, please allow up to 40 days for delivery. Also, remember that this website is maintained by the native Quechua people of Chinchero, Peru. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable in our artisanal craft but are still learning about how to run our business online. So, if the product photography is not what you’re used to, or the response time to your questions is slow, remember that we are actually spending all their time perfecting our craft.

Poncho Arcoíris

  • This product is made from genuine alpaca so you’ll need to take extra care when it’s time to wash it. This should be hand washed in cold water and air dried.


    Este producto está hecho de alpaca genuina, por lo que deberá tener un cuidado especial cuando sea el momento de lavarlo. Debe lavarse a mano en agua fría y secar al aire.