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Awakening to the ancestral art of the Andes



This virtual store is managed and owned by empowered Andean women, the artisans from the Chinchero Community in Peru. RICCHARIY Andean art opens a window to this magical Inca country while also supporting the continuation of our unique craftsmanship and livelihood. 


RICCHARIY Andean art was born in Chinchero, the land of the rainbow. “Ricchariy ” is a Quechua word that translates to “Awakening, to arise new“ this powerful word inspires us to create art in a unique way as an invitation to acknowledge and honor the wisdom, the science and the art behind our weaving and handicrafts. We are bringing value and memory to the ancestral knowledge that we were losing in modern times. The craftsmanship we practice is something learned from our ancestors and which we teach to our children. We spin and dye our own sheep and alpaca wool by hand. We use the art of weaving and creation of our designs as a way to express our feelings, and describe the nature that surrounds us and how we spend our daily lives in these Andean Villages. 


All photos and products were developed with the technology available to us in the fields. And we hope to demonstrate the high quality of these products designed as unique pieces through this website.


The leader and manager of this community is Mariela Auccacusi as a empowered and medicine woman, she has started this project, opening this space to those people in the communities of the Andes for them to share their ancestral art and for the whole global community to access this ancestral culture and wisdom, all together building a family of Ayni (Sacred reciprocity) to be of best service in this mother earth.

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