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Due to COVID and over-stressed mailing systems, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.


This double sided shawl is made from alpaca wool and is adorned with designs of Machu Picchu and Alpacas which represent the Andian zone of Peru. It is very soft and should be washed by hand in cold water.

Size: Length 1m 40cm. Width: 99cm


Chall de doble cara hecho de alpaca con doble cara con diseños de Machupicchu y alpacas que representan a la zona Andina del Peru. Es muy suave y se lava a mano.

Medidas: L 1.40cm. A 99cm.


Debido a COVID y a los sistemas de correo sobrecargados, espere hasta 4 semanas para la entrega. 

Double-Sided Shawl with designs of Machu Picchu and Alpacas